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Our ultra-modern state-of–the-art facilities are specially designed to change and adapt to demanding global standards. The capacity of the plant is to produce approx. 39 lac no. of tubes per annum.

Headed by polymer science experts and supported by qualified assistants, our laboratories test all incoming raw materials based on already laid – out specifications. Finished products are also tested for its conformity to technical specifications. Rubber products here are tested for their performance on simulated conditions such as temperature, stretching, flexing etc.,

Our Manufacturing Facility

A quality rubber product can be made only from a quality rubber compound prepared from good machines

At TM TYRES LTD. our rubber mixing unit is spread over an area of 80,000/- sq.feet in four storyed building. The latest mixing technology is followed using all imported machines like banburries, carbon black storage in silos, dump & sheet out mills, strainers, anti tack dipping, automatic cooling and batch of conveyers.
A system of automatic weighment of carbon black and oil is made using latest storage and metering equipments to have accurate charging in quantity and time. The total mixing process is made automatic by latest drive system such as variable frequency drives, operating, monitored and controlled by SCADA System to have a consistency in quality of the mix.

The rubber compound mixed in our above facility is being used for
in - house production and outside customers including tyre manufacturers.

R & D Facility : In order to keep the technology of mixing updated, the company has the R & D facility to develop the rubber compound to the customer’s requirement. The R & D facility is supported by the laboratory banbury along with the other supporting  equipments.

Product Quality : In order to have consistency in the quality, tubes are extruded in automatic extrusion lines and all are joined in imported Akron, Midland and VMI make automatic splicing machines. High quality valves are procured from Indian reputed value manufacturers.

The Extrusion Process
The strained rubber compound is fed in to extruder by warming it  on a 2 roll mill. The gauges of extruded tube are precisely adjusted as per the specifications before sending to the booking. In order to maintain consistency of the extruded tube dimension an imported automatic conveyor line is being used which has the following features.
1. Adjustment of conveyor speed through VFD as per extrudate.
2. Cooling of the extruded tube
3. Auto patch applicator
4. Vaccumissing of extruded tube
5. Auto cutting the green tube length as per set specification
6. Electrostatic external dusting
7. Size stamping
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