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Our R & D wing is totally committed to develop a better product. This wing has the unique distinction of being the first in the country to develop a new profile for automobile tubes/flaps in the country. The company’s investment in terms of technology and manpower has led it to actively pursue the policy of Market Related Product Development

Mooney Check Profile
The MOONEY CHECK COMPACT - PC is a laboratory instrument which gives conventional measurement of the Mooney viscosity characteristics of rubber compound.
Rheo Check Profile - MD
The RheoCheck Profile - MD is a laboratory instrument, which gives conventional measurement of the curing characteristics of
rubber compound.
Tensile Check Profile
1. The Tensile Check Profile tester is designed to carry out laboratory tests on rubber test samples.
2. The tests, which can be carried out in the standard layout, are Traction, Tear & Compression.
Low Temperature Check - PC
Low Temperature checks Brittleness point test at sub zero temperatures.
UD-3500 Carbon Black Dispersion Tester
The carbon dispersal meter has been used in the analysis of rubber products' carbon black dispersal, providing an advance technique to measure rubber products
& materials.
Shore a Hardness Test Unit - PC
1. Shore A is the trademark of the automatic instrument to measure hardness Shore A,
2. The use of high precision mechanical components and high electronical devices guarantee a good reproducibility and reliability of test results.
Balance Check - PC
The instrument enables the user to determine the density of a product by comparing the weight of the sample obtained in air using a precision balance and a reference liquid of known density.
DE MATTIA FLEXON For High Temperature Test
The instrument DE MATTIA FLEXON CHECK is specific for the test 01 resistance to the flexion "DE MATTIA" method 'B' at
hiqh temperature.
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